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  • Add a memorial inscription to our Memorial Wall
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  • Condolences blog for visitors who wish to write a condolence in memory of your loved one
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  • Full Page/Site administration- With our easy to use tools you can administer your website. Change the theme, remove unwanted posts and more…

More services available for our premium members

  • Full memorial website, including:
    Main obituary page with the deceased’s details
    Photo Gallery page
    Movie Gallery page
    Animated Timeline - where you can tell the deceased’s story with dates, pictures and stories
    Condolences page – site visitors can post their tributes
  • Memorial events management, build mailing lists with automatic email notification of events

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To honor the achievements of your loved ones, to celebrate their lives, a memorial website is a lasting tribute to cherish them for generations to come.

Immortalizing their memories and perpetuating their life is a way to communicate and share your thoughts and grief with friends, family and colleagues around the world.

In a time of sorrow we seek the comfort of friends and family, a memorial website is the most accessible way for friends and family to post their condolences, provide thoughts, and share insights and memories of the departed. Share priceless moments, by uploading pictures and movies of your loved one to your site, memories inaccessible in any other way.

Build online memorial website in 3 easy steps

Our organization has developed a powerful engine that generates a full memorial website based on your choices that can be launched in matter of minutes.

How to choose a funeral home

Choosing a funeral home may vary between different countries and different religion.

But most important; varies between different people.

We always need to remember that the funeral ceremonies is not just to honor the deceased but it's a ritual that helps family and friends to overcome their grief

How to deal with illness and death

After spending much time contemplating about life, the Buddha came up with what have subsequently been called the Four Noble Truths. The first Noble Truth is that life is suffering. This seems depressing to say the first thing we have to understand about life is that it inevitably involves suffering. While it may not be a cheery thought, it is without a doubt true. No one, no matter how fortunate or lucky, can go through life without experiencing some suffering.

Even a person who has a perfect life, with happiness abounding, will eventually experience illness and death. Even a person who may have no suffering him or her self will know others who experience illness and death, and will suffer in sadness at the illness or their friend or relative. Suffering is indeed unavoidable.

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